Content Management Platforms

In developing applications that involve content generation and content viewing, the flexibility, and power of CMS can never be ignored. It’s a fact that huge content churning sites like CNN and BBC are powered by open-source CMS engines. Xminds believes in using the right tools and platform and doesn’t consider building custom CMS when the requirements are the best fit to be done using an existing solution. One of the most common pitfalls of the most CMS implementation is editors are always put in back seat and implementation becomes more of geek stuff. The Xminds CMS team circumvents this problem communicating with the actors at the very beginning itself. The expertise of the CMS team ranges from theme implementation to custom module and plugin development.

Xminds CMS mastery


WordPress began as a simple blogging system but has grown to one of the most powerful CMS’s on the internet. With more than 70 million sites running in WP the flexibility and efficiency can never be underestimated. WP offers a wide range of plugins by which users can setup applications very quickly.


Drupal is considered as swiss-knife of CMS. It’s a powerful application framework, which if properly used can be as powerful as any other application framework. Drupal has also the credit of running big sites like BBC and CNN. It’s right said that Drupal is like a box of legos when opened up provides you a world of endless possibilities

Ezpublish is a sophisticated content management system that is backed by a commercial entity, eZ Systems. This engine more particularly popular in Europe and has its workflow engine specifically targeted for Online Media houses