Drupal development services

Drupal is considered as the swiss knife of CMS. It is a powerful application framework which if properly used can be as powerful as any other application frameworks like Zend. Drupal has also the credit of running big sites like BBC, CNN to its credit. It’s right said Drupal is like a box of legos when opened up provides you a world of endless possibilities

Xminds Drupal mastery

  • UberCart: Ubercart is one of the most popular Drupal module . With this module you could create an full fledged ecommerce site with minimum effort
  • Solr: This module helps in integrating the power of Apache solr engine into product search
  • Shibboleth: This module helps in integrating Shibboleth as the authentication provider
  • Panopoly FAQ: This module is designed to manage and maintain FAQ’s
  • Commerce Recurring:  Modules enables payment gateway to handle recurring payments
  • IMCE IMCE: is an image/file uploader module with flexibility to allocate quota
  • Recommender API:  This is a plugin based on Apache Mahout used as a recommendation engine

Featured Product

http://ecal.net/ ECAL is a dynamic ‘calendar marketing’ system that syncs your events information direct into the desktop, mobile, tablet and social calendar program of your customers. ECAL keeps your customers up-to-date and totally connected with your events. ECAL.net is a WordPress powered site which is integrated with calender backend system using REST API. Also the chargify API has been integrated as module where user can signup and select his plan which will be updated in backend

Technologies used -Drupal, Chargify API Integration