Ecommerce Platforms

Gone are the days when e-commerce sites used to be a shopping cart alone. Now e-commerce engine refers to the whole set of tools which can facilitate from lead generation to customer acquisition and sale closing. A good e-commerce site should help your customers to find the right products, inspiring them to buy and suggesting with items which they are more probable to buy. Also, a good e-commerce platform should have the provision to integrate with accounting and office operations system seamlessly

Xminds e-commerce mastery


Magento  An eBay backed project with more than 2 Million shops running world wide Magento is one of the fastest growing platform in e-commerce arena. With Magento connect offering a plethora of extensions one would easily handle all phases of online sales.


OpenCart is relatively easy to setup e commerce engine with low cost of operation compared to Magento. Opencart is preferred in a situation where the number of products is very less and there are no complex workflows involved in the buying process.


Bigcommerce  If you want to start an e-commerce platform in 10 minutes, Bigcommerce is the answer. The biggest advantage of Bigcommerce is it hides all complexities from the user and one can just start a shop by filling some details and uploading the catalogue. The learning curve is almost nil and even a novice user can start selling online in just a few minutes. The lack of technical flexibility is an advantage in a sense that user will be less confused. The marketplace provides the users with a large set of apps, which can be easily installed with which one should improve the overall shopping experience and better sales