Web Application

Xminds has worked with 200+ businesses (and counting) over the past 13 years and offers experience with the best expert talent pool in the industry to fulfill all your application development needs. Our team of business analysts, technology architects, technical consultants, and engineers are at your disposal to assist you in providing you with top-quality and reliable web application development. Xminds deploys best practices, proven development methodologies and time-tested optimum delivery models for developing and building applications on a fixed time, fixed cost basis.

Why choose Xminds for creating web solutions?

Xminds uses:

  • State of the art development platforms & tools
  • Domain knowledge & domain related investments at the start of each project
  • Mature & continuously improving design and programming techniques
  • Continuous & complete project management working in concert with the client
  • Expert core committee to preview design & programming activities


Java is the primary platform used for product development at Xminds. We exploit the scalability, extensibility, interoperability and portability of the J2EE framework to develop solutions to suit various business needs. We offer solutions in Swing, JSP, Servlets, Java Beans and EJB using J2EE/MVC architecture. The team has expertise in a wide range of database servers, XML processing, XML databases, e-mail technologies and messaging services.


If you are looking to develop low-cost, high-performance web applications, then Xminds LAMP team services will be right for you. Our expert and dedicated PHP development team, who believe in building state of the art applications, will help build quality web applications for you.  We achieve this using Object Oriented PHP 5 Development Practices using frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. The PHP Team has successfully delivered myriad projects including Web Applications, Enterprise Systems, E-commerce Portals, and Blogs.

Featured Products

Ruby On Rails (ROR)

ROR framework uses MVC pattern to bring structure to web applications. Three larger benefits of using ROR as a platform to build your web application are: quicker launch, easier changes, and cost-effectiveness. We believe ROR is the ideal platform for you, if your business falls under e-commerce, subscription sites, content management or custom database solutions. The Xminds ROR team has expertise in building web applications and RESTful services.

Python (Django framework)

Django’s coding scheme revolves around building the website in phases and thereby offering structured and organized development. The Django framework adheres strongly to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle.Your web application will be built mostly using libraries rather than wrapping up the codebase in a single function. The Xminds Django team has delivered many solutions including: administration panels, social networking portals and salesforce automation.