Python Django Web Application development

Django’s coding scheme revolves around building the website in phases and thereby offering structured and organized development. The Django framework adheres strongly to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle. Your web application will be built mostly using libraries rather than wrapping up the codebase in a single function. The Xminds Django team has delivered many solutions including administration panels, social networking portals, and salesforce automation.

Xminds Python Mastery

  • Django CMS is a Python package for managing hierarchical pages of content, possibly in multiple languages and/or on multiple sites.
  • Django Haystack provides modular search for Django andit features a unified, familiar API that allows plug ins to different search back ends (such as Solr, Whoosh, Xapian, etc.).
  • Django Schedule is a calendaring/scheduling package, featuring one-time and recurring events, calendar exceptions (occurrences changed or cancelled), occurrences accessible through Event API and Period API. This is all available ready to use with a nice user interface with features such asView Day, Week, Month, Three Months and Year.
  • Fabric is a Python library and command-line tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment and systems administration tasks.
  • Twisted is an event-driven networking engine, which supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSHv2, and DNS protocols.
  • Matplotlib is a numerical plotting library that produces publication quality figures in a variety of formats and interactive environments. Matplotlib supports plots, histograms, power spectra, bar charts, errorcharts, scatterplots++.

Featured Product

VillageHive is an online sustainability engagement system, designed to support time and resource poor sustainability managers as they drive organisation-wide behaviour change. It provides a step-by-step guide to the development of effective sustainability campaigns. This Australian-first business system helps sustainability managers to motivate and organise their teams and report back to the executive level with ease.

VillageHive was designed and built by sustainability and change management professionals who are available to inspire, drive, help and encourage teams – leaving sustainability managers with more time to focus on the bigger picture.

Technologies used – Python-Django, Haystack, Scheduler, Matplotlib, AngularJS